The Indy Food Council is a collaborative effort representing many different groups and organizations.  We strive for collective food system change in Indy by bringing together various groups and breaking down silos within the food system.  We work to bring together: Health and Nutrition, Hunger and Social Justice, Economic and Community Development, and Ecology focused groups for collaborative food system change.  We believe that in order to make long lasting change everyone must be at the same table and moving forward together.  In order to do that we use a model called, “Collective Impact.”

So what exactly is Collective Impact?

Collective Impact seeks to bring everyone together by coordinating individual efforts into a more organized common goal while still valuing the work of individuals and organizations.  Look at the images below.  Collective Impact strives to get everyone in the same boat rowing and moving forward together.  The Indy Food Council intends to be that boat for food system change in Indy, will you get on board and help?

Before Collective Impact

Before Collective Impact

After Collective Impact

After Collective Impact

There are five key conditions which are vital for collective impact success:  

Common Agenda: All participants in collective impact models have a shared vision for change, an understanding of the problems, and a joint approach to problem solving with agreed upon actions.

Shared Measurement: Collective impact groups develop a strategy for collecting data and measuring change which is consistent and holds everyone accountable to the common agenda.

Mutually Reinforcing Activities: Individuals in collective impact have differentiated activities that are collectively coordinated to drive the common agenda forward.

Continuous Communication: In order for collective impacts to be successful, they must have constant and open communication to build trust and appreciation for the common agenda.

Backbone Support: All collective impacts have a backbone organization which help to staff the effort and lends to the coordination.  The Indy Food Council is grateful to have LISC serving as the overall backbone as well as the Office of Sustainability and Purdue Extension- Marion County offering additional support.

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Interested in reading more about Collective Impact? Check out, Kania and Kramer 2011_Collective Impact.